Never Miss An Important Call Again

CallNet offers professional and affordable 24-hour answering services, ensuring a quality experience for your clients on every call. Our team of virtual receptionists is always available to answer calls and provide accurate information about your business, elevating your company without the high costs and commitments of managing your own client service department.

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Why Choose CallNet’s
24-Hour Bilingual Answering Service?

Do you want to grow your small business and take on more clients and projects? CallNet’s 24/7 virtual receptionists can handle overflow calls during lunch, after hours, or high volumes so you never miss opportunities – all without hiring additional in-house staff.

  • CallNet boosts productivity with seamless integration capabilities, providing a cohesive experience that’s never been easier. Streamline your workflow effortlessly.
  • Our 100% bilingual staff answers calls in English or Spanish 24/7, ensuring customers feel comfortable calling in no matter their language. Expand your reach effortlessly.
  • Missed calls mean missed leads. With CallNet’s live operators, you’ll never lose another opportunity. Our agents keep callers engaged, capturing details and scheduling appointments, or forwarding them to the right person. Wave goodbye to missed chances and watch your lead pipeline grow.
  • Ditch voicemail and bots for a human experience. CallNet’s live call answering connects your leads and customers with real people, creating the
  • Our answering pros recognize returning callers to provide personalized experiences that delight your clients and foster loyalty. Elevate customer service.

Choose CallNET for 24/7 Service

Never miss another important call with CallNET. Our team is available 24/7/365 to answer calls on your behalf based on the details you provide about your business. We handle basic processes like taking messages and routing calls to the right person. But we can also make appointments, provide translation services, and more. CallNET lets you focus on running your business while ensuring no call goes unanswered. See how our professional call handling can make a difference – choose your plan or get in touch with us today to get started.

CallNET’s After Hours Call Answering Service

At CallNET, we ensure your customers stay connected with you 24/7 with our knowledgeable virtual receptionists. Our live answering service ensures a friendly voice greets callers anytime, day or night. We’ll take messages, schedule appointments, and keep your business accessible round-the-clock. After hours, weekends, holidays – whenever you can’t answer, CallNET has you covered. Let us be your always-on front desk, helping you capture every opportunity and build your business without missing a call. Stay seamlessly available with CallNET’s professional virtual receptionist service.

24/7 Live Answering Service
Ensure your phones are being answered promptly and professionally at all hours, capturing all queries and business. 

Virtual Receptionist
At a fraction of the cost, a virtual receptionist can assist you capture all calls and ease your work load. Perfect for lawyers and attorneys, executives and small business owners.

Call Screening
Avoid spam and greet customers by name when you answer with CallNET’s call screening service.

Help Desk Services
Supporting your staff with the phone support / assistance they need during busy times.

Emergency Dispatching
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to ensure emergencies are handled appropriately and with care. Perfect for dentists, attorneys, medical  professionals, plumbers and executives.

Call Overflow / After-Hours Support
Ensure your customers hear the warm, welcoming, professional voice they expect when calling with our after hours answering service.

Order Taking
Sincere, helpful, and professional phone answering for order taking, helps nurture callers through the order process. Whether your business is in Raleigh or any other area of the country, we can help.

Lead Capture
You never know when a potential client will call, be prepared to capture all queries and business looking for you! Perfect for small businesses.

Do You Need a 24/7 Live Answering Service?

We Are One of the Last Answering Services in the United States Under $1 per Minute!

      • Online Account Access.
      • 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year.
      • Quality Assurance with Digital Call Recording.
      • No Long Term Contracts.
      • Live Message Relay.
      • Email, Text, or Fax Relay.
      • Free Local Numbers.
      • 100% US Based Receptionists.
      • Fully Web Enabled.
      • Enhanced Voicemail with “Live Operator Option.”

Don’t Let Your Calls Go Unanswered!

A staggering 80% of customers hang up without leaving a message, resulting in missed connections and lost potential customers. CallNET’s virtual receptionists ensure that you’ll never miss out on a prospective client again, ensuring seamless communication and maximizing your chances of securing new business.

Stop Worrying About Missed Calls and Start Growing Your Business Today

Here at CallNET, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled bilingual answering services to help your business thrive. Our 24/7 support staff work tirelessly to provide exceptional customer service that boosts your brand image and enhances client satisfaction. By trusting us with your call management needs, you can devote your full attention to expanding your company’s reach and increasing profitability. At CallNET, we are committed to being the premier answering service that allows you to grow your business with confidence.


At CallNET, we work closely with each client to customize a service plan that fits their unique needs and budget. Once enrolled, you’ll have 24/7 access to our skilled team of live operators ready to manage your calls and messages. Our operators will provide your clients with the dedicated attention they expect by:

  • Answering calls promptly and courteously
  • Taking down detailed messages when you are unavailable
  • Fielding frequently asked questions about your business
  • Scheduling appointments per your specifications
  • Redirecting calls seamlessly during business hours

With CallNET, you can trust our personable staff to engage with your customers professionally at all times, day or night.

Step 1. Forward Your Number

Switching to CallNET’s answering service is easy and hassle-free. All you need to do is forward your phone number to us and we handle everything from there. No need to purchase extra equipment or install new software – you don’t even have to change your current phone provider or plan. Our experienced team manages the entire process start to finish. Simply redirect your calls to us and our skilled agents will professionally manage all incoming calls, freeing you up to focus on your business priorities.

Step 2. We Take Your Calls

At CallNET, our 100% bilingual support staff deliver customized virtual receptionist services tailored to your business needs. Our friendly agents professionally answer your calls with a personalized greeting, take detailed messages, and provide options for return contact – all based on the preferences you provide. We enable customized call routing, ensuring every interaction is managed accurately and efficiently. With CallNET’s live, virtual receptionists answering your calls, you can rest assured clients will receive individualized attention and exceptional service on every call.

Step 3. Receive Your Messages

At the completion of each call, we provide a comprehensive summary detailing the full conversation. This report outlines everything discussed on the call so you have a complete record of all pertinent information related to the client, project or task. We can deliver this recap via text, fax or secure message – whichever method is most convenient for you. With CallNET’s detailed call summaries, you’ll stay informed on all customer interactions even when you can’t take the call yourself. Our complete documentation ensures you have all the details needed to seamlessly pick up where the call left off.


What Does 24-Hour Phone Answering Mean?

Our 24/7 phone answering service ensures live human operators are available at all times to answer your calls. Whether it’s a new lead or an existing client reaching out, rest assured we’ll be there to respond promptly.

Where Do I Start To Get 24/7 Call Answering Services?

  • Begin by enrolling in a plan
  • Respond to a few inquiries about your business
  • Schedule a 15-20 minute Consultation Call
  • Complete onboarding within 24 hours
  • Guarantee all calls are promptly answered and leads are captured”

What Are After-Hours Calls?

After-hours calls happen outside of your business’s operating hours. Typically, they occur after 5 p.m. when your office closes for the day, as well as on weekends and public holidays when your office is normally closed. At AnswerHero, we provide live call answering services 24/7 to ensure you’re covered at all times.

How Much Do Call Answering Services Cost?

At CallNET, we offer adaptable pricing plans tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. Our pricing structures are determined by the monthly minute requirements, ensuring you only pay for what you need. With every package, you benefit from our 24/7/365 bilingual service. There are no hidden fees or long-term contracts associated with our plans; each comes with a transparent flat monthly rate. Additionally, if you surpass your allotted minutes, you’ll enjoy a flat rate for any additional minutes required. Should your business requirements change, upgrading to a higher plan is hassle-free. Conversely, if your operations slow down, downgrading your plan is just as simple.

What Do Call Answering Professionals Do?

Our call answering specialists are trained to handle callers in alignment with your business ethos. You provide us with the primary reasons for incoming calls, and together, we craft scripts tailored to your specifications. While their duties may vary according to your requirements, typical responsibilities include:

  • Recording messages accurately
  • Routing calls to the appropriate personnel within your organization
  • Assisting with appointment scheduling

Is An Answering Service Worth It?

Yes, an answering service is usually worth it for most businesses for several key reasons:

  • Around the clock coverage – A good answering service provides 24/7 call coverage even when you or your staff are unavailable. This ensures no calls are ever missed.
  • Professional image – The operators at an answering service can represent your business with a polite and professional demeanor, creating a great first impression for clients.
  • Increased sales – An answering service ensures calls are always answered and routed appropriately. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction and more closed sales.
  • Reduced staffing costs – You avoid the cost of hiring additional staff just to answer phones all day. The answering service handles call volumes as they fluctuate.
  • Valuable call data – Many answering services provide detailed reports on each call, capturing vital customer information that you can use.
  • Flexibility – You only pay for the level of service needed. Scalable plans make answering services cost effective for many types of businesses.

While costs can vary based on features, an answering service tends to provide a sizable return on investment in the form of higher customer satisfaction, increased sales and expanded business reach. For most small businesses, the benefits outweigh the costs.

Who Uses An Answering Service?

Here are some of the most common types of businesses that use answering services:

  • Healthcare – Doctors, dentists, veterinarians, clinics and other healthcare providers use answering services to handle appointment scheduling, intake questions, and patient calls outside of office hours.
  • Legal – Law firms, attorneys, and legal aid services utilize answering services to screen new client calls, schedule consultations, and handle overflow calls.
  • Contractors – Construction companies, electricians, plumbers, and other contractors have answering services manage scheduling, dispatch requests, and provide after-hours on-call coverage.
  • Real estate – Realtors, property managers, insurers, and title companies rely on answering services to qualify leads, set showings, handle tenant maintenance issues, and more.
  • Retail – Stores, restaurants, boutiques, and other retail establishments use answering services to handle customer questions, facilitate orders, provide business hours, directions and account support.
  • Nonprofits – Charities, clubs, churches and other nonprofits use answering services for event coordination, donation intake, volunteering management and general inquiries.
  • Small businesses – Startups, entrepreneurs, consultants, and other small businesses can benefit from cost-effective answering services to ensure no call goes unanswered.

The flexibility and affordability of answering services make them a smart investment for businesses across nearly every industry.

What is the difference between a call center and an answering service?

The main differences between a call center and an answering service are:

  • Scope – Call centers handle large call volumes and a wide range of inbound and outbound calls. Answering services focus specifically on inbound call coverage.
  • Capabilities – Call centers have extensive infrastructure to route calls, provide technical support, and conduct surveys or telemarketing. Answering services specialize in call answering, message taking, and appointment booking.
  • Staffing – Call centers maintain large in-house staff. Answering services contract with individual client companies.
  • Cost – Call centers have high fixed costs for labor, facilities, and technology. Answering services are a flexible, pay-as-you-go service.
  • Customization – Answering services are customized to each client’s preferences. Call centers follow standardized processes.
  • Data – Call centers gather customer data for the company. Answering services provide call data to the client.
  • Hours – Call centers operate 24/7. Answering services match client hours but offer after-hours options.

In summary, call centers are optimized for high volume, scalable inbound/outbound calling at a higher cost point. Answering services offer flexible, customized live answering for inbound calls at an affordable rate for most small businesses.

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