Stop Missing Important Calls!

Missing calls from potential customers is the leading cause of losing customers to your competitors. Studies show that close to 70% of callers will hang up and call a competitor if they don’t get an immediate answer. That means every missed call is a potential lost customer.

CallNET’s live 24/7 call answering service is here to help!
With real people answering your business’s calls anytime day or night, you’ll never miss an important business opportunity again. Customers will get their calls answered by a friendly, professional representative. And the CallNET team can take messages, answer basic questions, or connect callers directly to you. You’ll recapture all those lost opportunities and provide top-notch customer service. CallNET handles your call overflow so you can focus on running your business, not answering phones. Don’t let potential customers slip away. Sign up for CallNET today.


24 Hour Answering Service
Ensure your phones are being answered promptly and professionally at all hours, capturing all queries and business. 

Virtual Receptionist
At a fraction of the cost, a virtual receptionist can assist you capture all calls and ease your work load. Perfect for lawyers and attorneys, executives and small business owners.

Call Screening
Avoid spam and greet customers by name when you answer with CallNET’s call screening service.

Help Desk Services
Supporting your staff with the phone support / assistance they need during busy times.

Emergency Dispatching
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to ensure emergencies are handled appropriately and with care. Perfect for dentists, attorneys, medical professionals, plumbers and executives.

Call Overflow / After-Hours Support
Ensure your customers hear the warm, welcoming, professional voice they expect when calling with our after hours answering service.

Order Taking
Sincere, helpful, and professional phone answering for order taking, helps nurture callers through the order process. Whether your business is in Raleigh or any other area of the country, we can help.

Lead Capture
You never know when a potential client will call, be prepared to capture all queries and business looking for you! Perfect for small businesses.


We Are One of the Last Answering Services in the United States Under $1 per Minute!

  • Online Account Access.
  • 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year.
  • Quality Assurance with Digital Call Recording.
  • No Long Term Contracts.
  • Live Message Relay.
  • Email, Text, or Fax Relay.
  • Free Local Numbers.
  • 100% US Based Receptionists.
  • Fully Web Enabled.
  • Enhanced Voicemail with “Live Operator Option.”


Give your customers unparalleled customer service they expect and deserve. Begin reaping the rewards of exceptional customer service with a NO long term commitment.

Professional Phone Answering Service

If you run your own business, you can’t afford to miss a call. Any single phone call could be a potential client. There might be vital information that could benefit or harm your business, so why trust your company to the vagaries of an answering machine? The only way to ensure you never miss an opportunity is with the most reliable remote answering service in the business. For over 30 years, CallNET has been providing the highest-quality phone answering services in the country for small businesses just like yours. Our call centers are designed to help you get the information you need when you need it.

A Commitment to Service

With CallNET telephone answering service, you’ll never have to worry about missing a call again. Whatever your business, your clients, customers, or patients should be able to rely on a receptionist answering service that gets all the information right the first time. Whether you need a medical office or hospital answering service, or any other type of emergency answering service, we will receive and process your business’s incoming calls according to your script in the most professional manner possible. With each call, the people you rely on for your small business’s success will be treated with the respect and attention they deserve. Our commitment to service is what makes us the best call answering services for small businesses available anywhere. We have the ability to offer after-hours answering services, so that you never have to worry about losing sleep or missing the big sale. With a specialty answering service, you can be sure that our people will be able to gather the information you need and even help with scheduling appointments and alerting you to emergencies. We are also a top-rated medical answering service. Contact us today and find out how we can improve your response time and your bottom line. Or better yet, request your answering service today!

Answering Service Solutions For Service Businesses

Service businesses such as plumbers, roofers, painters, landscapers, heating and air conditioning experts, builders, contractors, electricians, and more can greatly increase their efficiency and even scale their companies with help from a high quality answering service, such as that provided by CallNET.

Are you bogged down by calls when out at the job site, or while busy on a service call? Maybe you let them go to voice mail and try to return calls in the evening, only to find that potential clients are unavailable or have already made other arrangements.

Increase your productivity and take your business to the next level by outsourcing the fielding of your incoming phone calls to a call center. You can ensure that new customers are able to speak to a live person, even 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you’d like, without being chained to the phone. A conversation with a representative of your company, rather than a voice mail message is often the first step in converting a prospect to a client.

The highly trained call center attendants at CallNET can do much more than simply answer the call and take a message. Have them ask questions to qualify a prospect, determine the level of urgency, or schedule appointments. You can choose to have messages called in immediately, sent via email to review later, or to have urgent calls transferred right away.

At CallNET we understand that in today’s market service businesses must run extremely efficiently in order to be profitable. Our answering services fit well into a streamlined business model as they are low cost, and you only pay for the services you actually use. Choose from several flexible plans to find the one that best meets your needs. You can even change plans at any time to accommodate your busy seasons, and scale back during slower times of year.

Would you like to increase your advertising or try a new way to get your name out there, but are afraid you won’t be able to measure the results? When you use CallNET’s operators, all of whom are highly skilled and based here in the US, you can have them ask every lead how they found your business. This will help you determine how to best allocate your marketing dollars and avoid wasteful spending. Invest more into what works, cancel what doesn’t, and allow your business to grow.

To learn more about how call center service could help your company give us a call at 1-800-395-2612 or get started here. We can have you up and running quickly, and back out there taking care of your customers in no time.


To better understand how a professional answering service will take your business to the next level, it’s important to understand exactly how our simple three-step process works. In these three short steps that will take up 5 minutes of your time, you will be ready to provide your customers with outstanding 24/7/365 support! To jump-start the process, fill out the form on the right side of this page and a representative will be in touch shortly!

Choose the minute plan that will work best for your business. You pay one price and can use your minutes on any of the services below to boost your company’s savings, response time, and customer service.

Information pages and scripts are the instruction set we use to answer your incoming calls. We want to ensure that we are handling your calls in the most professional, courteous, and helpful manner possible

  • Choose a local number for any city or state you want to promote yourself locally.
  • Choose a toll-free number for promoting a national presence.
  • Or simply use your own telephone number and forward it to your private account at CallNET Corp.