When choosing CallNET customer service call center in Greeneville, you will never ever need to worry about missing a telephone call ever again. No matter what your business does, your clients, customers, or patients in Greeneville really ought to be able to depend on their customer calls being answered in a timely way & queries answered in a highly professional manner. Whether you require a 24/7 live answering service or a 24 hour answering service, or any other kind of telephone answering service, we will gladly answer and process your Greeneville incoming client calls according to your script in the best possible way. With each telephone call, the people you rely on for your Greeneville company’s success will be handled with the attention and respect they expect and deserve.

Professional Phone Answering Service in Greeneville TN Available 24/7

live answering service picture

24/7 Live Answering Service

Ensure your phones are being answered promptly and professionally at all hours, capturing all inquiries and business. 

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Virtual Receptionist

At a fraction of the cost, a virtual receptionist can assist you capture all calls and ease your work load.

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Call Screening

Avoid spam and greet customers by name when you answer with CallNET’s call screening service.

help desk services picture

Help Desk Services

Supporting your staff with the phone support / assistance they need during busy times.

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Emergency Answering Services

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to ensure emergencies are handled appropriately and with care.

phone order taking service in action

Phone Order Taking Service

Sincere, helpful, and professional order taking answering service that helps nurture callers through the order process.

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Overflow Call Handling Service / After-Hours Support

Ensure your customers hear the warm, welcoming, professional voice they deserve with our overflow call handling service and after-hours service.

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Small Business Answering Service

Our answering service for small businesses enables you to take more calls than ever before without having to hire a team of receptionist to answer the phone.

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Medical Answering Services

Ensure your patients get their calls answered and addressed in a professional manner with our medical answering service for doctors, dentists, orthodontists, and other medical professionals.

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Attorney Answering Service

Our legal answering services for attorneys and lawyers helps legal firms handle all their customer phone calls without having to hire a team of front office staff to answer the phones.

At CallNET, we understand that both your time and money are valuable to you. Our small business answering services give you the ability to optimize both. We can save you time by handling your calls during and after hours, by answering your customer’s questions, by taking concise messages, dispatching and rerouting calls, as well as a wide range of support services to lower your costs while simultaneously raising your standard of service above your competitors. CallNET, offers affordable Call Center Services for companies of all sizes – from corporate to small business solutions.

After Hours Answering Services

24/7 call center service badgeThe core benefits of an answering service really come into their own and pay off when your business closes down for the day, and all your employees go home. During this time you are most likely to miss important calls from current and potential customers needing your expertise to solve a problem if you don’t have an after hours call center service working on your behalf.

One potential solution would be to keep a receptionist employed continuously, day and night, in your office, but that would not be a very affordable or cost effective measure. On the other hand, hiring a professional phone answering service to handle all your after hours calls is cost effective and a very smart business decision.

Perhaps you’re thinking that you already have a system in place to capture after hours calls, and yes, a simple voice mail system can be effective, to a certain degree. However, many of your potential customers will simply hang up the phone as soon as they hear an automated voicemail machine and call your competitors; especially if they feel it’s urgent they get to speak with someone right then and there.

People will always like to speak with a real human voice – not an automated machine. Without a 24/7 telephone answering service in place to take your incoming calls, day or night, whenever your current and potential customers call in, you will inevitably lose their business.

Flexible Call Center Solutions

24/7 answering service graphicCallNET Corp offers affordable call center solutions that can provide all the flexibility your business needs. It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing answering service with us. For example, if your existing office receptionist is able to manage incoming calls most of the time, but gets swamped occasionally, or at a particular time of day, then we can set up a system where we handle all the overflow calls. Your customers or clients will never be left listening to a busy tone, or trying repeatedly to get through.

We can remove all that frustration and aggravation from your customers, and give your receptionists the time they need to get their job done, by having all the overflow calls seamlessly redirected to the virtual receptionists at our trustworthy call center. We assure your callers will never know the difference. They will get through to someone each and every time and never hear the aggravating busy tone. This is good for your business reputation, and conducive to encouraging your first time customers to become satisfied repeat customers.

Flexible Call Center Solutions

medical answering service graphicCallNET Crop provides medical professionals an answering service specifically to address their unique needs and requirements. Every major decision we make, from the choice of equipment, to the software we use, we make sure that we have your interests in mind. By keeping these in the forefront of our decision making, it allows us to provide a customized solution that has been refined and improved over the last 25 years. Whether you are in a private or group practice, or part of a large hospital department, CallNET Crop has the knowledge and experience to handle your calls accurately and professionally. By providing this commitment, it has allowed us to become a recognized leader in the medical answering service industry and the preferred provider for healthcare facilities across America.

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