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Why Partnering With a Call Center Will Help Your Small Business

​A phone answering service is highly beneficial for any business, as well as small businesses. If you are not aware of the many fundamental reasons as to why partnering with a call center will help your small business, keep reading to learn about them. CallNET call center’s phone answering service provides clients a better overall business experience.

No More Missed Calls and Better Organization

woman dialing phoneLots of calls are missed whether customers call outside of business hours or if there are no staff to reach the line. Most callers will not leave a message and wait for a return call, therefore potentially losing that customer. The number of calls you miss per day is probably a lot more than you think! With CallNET, you will miss fewer calls and gain more clients. In addition to that, our live answering services keep all of your calls in one place. Each call is recorded and information is uploaded to a central hub that everyone in the office can access when they need real-time information. Say goodbye to random Post-it Notes laying around the office with random numbers on them.


Saving Money

pile of money saved from call centerHiring employees specifically to answer your phones can really add up. Aside from those employees’ salaries, the cost of things such as desks, computers, phones, and more will prove to be quite costly. With CallNET, however, you get all the qualities of a highly qualified, knowledgeable, polite customer service representative at a fraction of the cost of choosing the previous option.

Provide Staff More Time for Most Important Tasks

High call volume can be a lot to handle and can take time away from staff members being able to actually work. We know your staff is important and all the work they do is very valuable to your business. It’s not beneficial having your team spend hours answering calls over the phone when they have other prioritized tasks to finish. Hiring a remote answering service frees your staff to work on time-sensitive projects. All of the information recorded by our office is then input and accessible to everyone at your office.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

happy female customer of call center serviceCustomers expect businesses to be available at most hours of the day and call whenever it’s most convenient for them. Unfortunately, the convenient times for them to call are not always the convenient times for businesses to answer. With a 24/7 answering service, missed calls will be a thing of the past. Having a reliable service that will always answer calls will increase customer satisfaction and the reliability of your business.


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  • Eileen Benson
    Posted at 12:10h, 05 November

    It made sense when you said that customers will call when it’s most convenient for them and will expect the business to be readily available. During a meeting last week at my work, it was brought up that we need to improve our customer satisfaction ratings. I’m glad I read your article so I can suggest we hire a 24/7 answering service to help us reach that goal!