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Reasons Why Lawyers Need a Phone Answering Service

A telephone answering service is beneficial for any industry imaginable, including law offices. If you don’t see the benefits of this service, keep reading to learn how attorneys use live answering services to provide their clients with a better experience.

No More Missed Calls

How many calls do you think go unanswered every day at your law office? It’s probably more than you realize, even if you have a diligent administrative staff. The truth is that law offices get busy. Whether you’re in court, preparing for an upcoming trial, or it’s the weekend and no one is in the office, some calls are going to fall through the cracks. Law offices that use an answering service miss fewer calls and gain more clients.


Free Up Your Staff’s Time

lawyers discussing who answers the phoneLaw offices are busy places. It doesn’t matter if you’re a law firm that employees 100 people or a small practice that’s just yourself and a legal assistant. Your staff’s time is important for your current clients’ cases. It’s not beneficial having your administrative team spend hours answering nonlegal questions over the phone. Hiring a remote answering service frees your staff up to work on time-sensitive projects. While an answering service won’t be able to give legal advice, these services can do the following:

  • Give directions
  • Provide information about business hours
  • Confirm appointments
  • Take messages for attorneys

​All of this information is then input and accessible by everyone at your office.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

People who call your office, whether they’re existing clients or potential clients, want to know that they’re being heard. When a person calls the office and continuously gets a voicemail, they don’t feel satisfied, especially if their voicemail isn’t returned. Not returning voicemails isn’t something law offices do intentionally. The reasons fewer calls get returned are that the message was unintelligible, it cut off before a number was left, or the day gets busy and the voicemail gets forgotten. Answering services fill in the gap. They take messages and get pertinent information that they relay back to your office staff for faster responses. Clients are happy, and that improves your retention rates.

Better Organization

Live answering services help you keep your calls in one place. Each call is recorded, and information is uploaded to a central hub that everyone in the office can access when they need real-time information. Many telephone answering services also offer recordings. These recordings allow you or your staff to listen to calls that came in to help clarify situations or if you need to audit calls. With call answering services, you won’t have Post-it Notes with random number laying around the office.

Around-the-Clock Service

24/7 call center service badgeA 24/7 answering service means that clients can contact your offices and get information whenever they need it. If your law office is closed on the weekend, you still might have people calling who’ve had family members arrested over the weekend and need a lawyer for an arraignment first thing Monday morning. These types of calls come in at all hours of the day and night. With an answering service, the caller’s information is recorded, and you can view it on your own time.

To learn more about how answering services benefit law practices, contact CallNET today for more information.


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