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Role of Answering Services in HVAC Business

For the smaller HVAC company, answering the phone is of dire importance. Every missed call is another job that you aren’t going to get because the caller will go to someone who will answer the phone. Unfortunately, answer calls while you’re on a job is not only a hassle, it’s also unprofessional. Hiring an answering service can help you get all the calls while keeping your phone time when you’re out of the office to a minimum.

Getting All the Calls

woman providing call center servicesThe most common calls you’ll get are going to be questions about the services you provide, the costs involved, and when an appointment can be scheduled. These are all questions that your regular office staff can answer. However, if your office staff has normal work hours, you still need someone who can get the after-hours calls. When the staff is out because of illness or vacation, you need a backup that can perform the duties related to phone calls, including taking good messages and scheduling appointments. If you’re relying on an answering machine, you can count on people hanging up and calling a more responsive business. No one wants to wait for a call back.

​Forwarding Emergency Calls

The most important calls you will get will be from people who have an emergency. These calls can’t wait. Whether you’re on another job or you’re at home, you need someone who can help sort the calls. An answering service can do that. When you respond to an emergency, you can charge a premium for the service while creating good feelings with the customer who made the call, which could lead to more regular calls from the client. Anyone with an emergency who gets sent to voice mail will not become your customer.

Scheduling Appointments

woman scheduling an appointmentThe biggest responsibility that anyone answering the phones has is to schedule appointments. The more appointments you get scheduled, the more income you can generate. When you’re on a job, getting calls to schedule appointments can be problematic. Even if you have an app, you have to stop what you’re doing to find out what the client needs, and when it needs to be done. That’s time away from the job at hand, which messes with your efficiency, and depending on scope of the conversation, could create discontent in the client you’re providing service to. With access to your electronic calendar, an answering service can make sure you get the appointment scheduled without interrupting your current work or evening.

The Answer for HVAC Companies

hvac workers fixing an air conditionerAs a smaller HVAC company, your time is valuable and every call matters. However, it can be difficult to answer all the calls if you’re a one-person operation, you may find that jobs take longer, you miss calls, and you miss multiple opportunities to make your clients happy. An answering service for small business can make the difference between being profitable and barely scraping by. When people get a helpful, live person, they are more likely to hire you for the job they need done. Contact CallNet and find out how they can help you improve your client acquisition and retention.


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