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Reasons to Use a Live Answering Service

Companies that choose to use an answering service have two choices: automated or live call answering services. While both have their benefits, many companies prefer live telephone services because of the advantages for their business. If you’re considering investing in a service to grow your business, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of a live telephone answering service.

Appointment Scheduling Benefits

woman scheduling an appointmentDoes your business rely on appointment scheduling? It’s not just medical offices that need scheduling services. Businesses like pet groomers, hair salons, plumbing services, and law offices need to schedule appointments as well. Unfortunately, it gets hectic at these businesses, so it might not always be possible to answer the phone as soon as it rings. When this happens, you lose potential clients. Remote answering services mean you never miss a phone call or an opportunity to gain a new client.

Call Efficiency

People don’t just call your business to schedule an appointment. They call with questions, and maybe even concerns that you can address. It’s just as important to take these calls as it is to take scheduling calls. A live phone answering service offers businesses so much more than picking up the phone and taking a message. Many of these services have remote receptionists that are trained to handle your company’s calls efficiently to make sure customers always have a positive experience.

After Hours Call Answering

24/7 Support Badge​Of all the reasons to use a live answering service, this has to be the biggest advantage, especially for small businesses that don’t have the ability to answer these calls themselves. Many small business owners instruct their callers to leave a voicemail, but this isn’t the best solution. For starters, how many people leave messages? Unless it’s an emergency, most people will hang up and call another company who can help them right away. Also, many businesses have good intentions about calling customers back who leave a voicemail, but sometimes that’s not always possible. Maybe you couldn’t understand the message well enough to write down the number. Or, perhaps you walked into work the next morning to an immediate crisis and you forgot to check your voicemails. Remote answering services fill in the gaps between normal business hours and after hours, allowing you to be there for your customers whenever they need you.

No Need to Train

How many times have you spent too many hours training your staff on how to properly answer the phone? Some people are great at answering phone calls, while others leave much to be desired. If you’re getting complaints about how phone calls are being answered, an answering service can improve your customer service. People who work for answering services are professionals. Not only do they know how to answer calls politely, but they know how to get pertinent information to capture leads and convert callers into customers.

Choosing an Answering Service

Once you decide to use a live call answering service, you need to decide what you need. Do you need to have your phone lines answered 24 hours a day, or do you only need the phones answered between certain times? Businesses on a budget often choose the busiest hours or hours most crucial to their business and use a service for these hours.

If you’re ready to hire a call service, contact CallNET and never miss a call again.


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  • Waseem Ahmad
    Posted at 01:47h, 13 September

    Virtual phone answering services provide professional and courteous customer service representatives with enhanced voice mail and a live operator option. Calls can be digitally recorded for quality assurance. You guys do a great job!