Our 24/7 Call Support Service is Perfect For Property Management Companies

Operating rental properties involves dealing with tenant questions, maintenance issues and emergencies around the clock. Property management companies cannot afford to miss tenant calls which could lead to safety risks, tenant dissatisfaction and vacant units. This is where utilizing a reliable after-hours answering service becomes critical.

CallNET Answering Service provides live 24/7 call support specially designed for high-volume property management companies overseeing large residential and commercial portfolios. Their skilled call agents act as an extension of the management team, delivering responsive, professional assistance to tenants, vendors and owners as needed.


How CallNET Answering Service Helps Real Estate Pros

Here are the key ways CallNET addresses essential property management answering needs:

  • Live Answering – Calls are promptly answered live anytime day or night instead of going to voicemail.
  • Maintenance Dispatch – CallNET can contact and dispatch vendors for after-hours repairs.
  • Emergency Response – Urgent issues like floods or gas leaks get immediately directed to emergency personnel.
  • Tenant Screening – CallNET captures rental applicant details and pre-qualifies prospects.
  • Showing Scheduling – Agents can schedule unit viewings, follow-ups and inspections.
  • Application Assistance – CallNET helps prospects complete rental applications over the phone.
  • Payment Processing – CallNET helps tenants pay rent and fees over the phone using secure IVR payments.
  • Tenant Questions – Common FAQs about leases, rentals, repairs and policies are addressed.
  • Appointment Reminders – CallNET confirms maintenance visits, rent drops offs and meetings via automated reminders.
  • Move-in/ Move-out Coordination – CallNET coordinates unit walkthroughs, key pickups/drop-offs and cleaning services.
  • Vacancy Management – CallNET captures info on available units, promotes rentals and sets up showings.

With CallNET’s support, property management teams can focus on high-level tasks instead of constantly fielding tenant requests. And tenants have the convenience of assistance any time there is a problem. This leads to improved satisfaction, safety and retention.

Some of the major benefits property management firms enjoy with CallNET answering services include:

  • Reduced Tenant Complaints – Quick responses to maintenance and after-hours issues leads to fewer tenant headaches.
  • Faster Emergency Response – Having live agents dispatch urgent issues promptly prevents major property damages.
  • Increased Occupancy Rates – Answering every call 24/7 means more leads converted and vacancies filled quickly.
  • Enhanced Reputation – Professional live assistance improves tenant satisfaction, reviews and referrals.
  • Higher Tenant Retention – Tenants renew longer when their needs are addressed timely and effectively.
  • Cost Effective – No need to hire overnight on-site concierge staff. Only pay for exact call time used.
  • Revenue Growth – More occupied units means greater rental income. Answering services quickly pay for themselves.
  • Flexible Scalability – Call volumes easily accommodate seasonal peaks and valleys.
  • Company-Wide Consistency – All properties have same professional assistance quality.
  • Improved Work-Life Balance – Management teams avoid off-hour disruptions.

CallNET is trusted by leading property management corporations and real estate investment trusts across the nation to deliver stellar 24/7 answering services. Their expertise spans all property types including residential, commercial, HOAs, vacation rentals, student housing and more.

CallNET’s custom-tailored solutions, rigorous agent training and leading call center technology ensure seamless after-hours coverage. Tenant calls are handled by specialists in a friendly yet professional manner. With CallNET’s support, property managers can finally get some rest, knowing all overnight calls are covered.

To learn more about enhancing property management efficiency and tenant satisfaction with CallNET’s live 24/7 answering services, contact an agent today. Discover firsthand how CallNET can become an invaluable extension of your management team.