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What to Expect from a Call Answering Service

Hiring a company who specializes in answering services is a great way to improve your customer service. Whether you rely solely on the service or simply enlist its help to field after-hours calls, it’s important that you choose a service that will perform. What sets a great call service apart from the rest? Here’s what you can expect.

Dedicated, Friendly Staff

group photo of the Callnet Corp phone answering teamIt’s so much easier to work with someone who is polite and engaging. Whether you’re in the medical field or sales industry, the person answering your phones should be friendly. Their voice will be the first thing that represents your company. A bad impression could deter customers from using your services again. Because a great answering service understands how important it is for phone calls to go well, each member of its staff is trained to treat those on the phone with respect and kindness. This type of effective communication is exactly what you need to improve your customer service and leave each client feeling important and appreciated.

Knowledge of Your Industry

An answering service will field the calls of your customers and direct them as needed. While their job may be to answer the phone, it’s still important that they understand the basics of your business. This doesn’t mean they have to be able to provide price quotes or information on a specific product, but it’s important that they have the basic knowledge needed to appeal to your customers. They can answer questions and take notes as needed.

Understanding of Industry Regulations

call center rules and regulations signSpecific industries may have laws or regulations that need to be observed when speaking with clients on the phone. The health care industry, for example, must abide by HIPAA guidelines, which protect the privacy of patients. The medical answering service that you hire should not only be familiar with these regulations but also be willing to observe them as well. Your service should understand that failure to observe these regulations could result in serious issues with clients.​

Flexible Availability

There are many answering services available that limit their availability. They restrict their hours to specific parameters, causing you to work around them instead of allowing them to work with your needs. Choose an answering service that is flexible. A great service will still be available on holidays. They’ll also be willing to extend their services based on your needs. Whether you need someone before or after hours, they’ll give you the support you need to ensure that your customers always have someone available.​

Growth Potential

call center growth plan graphicAs your company grows, so should the abilities of your answering service. The right service provides after-hours coverage, fields overflow calls, covers breaks and lunches, or could add more people to answer calls as needed. They should be able to grow right along with you, eliminating many of the growing pains. Expanding or reducing the number of services needed shouldn’t be a problem when you hire the right answering company.Every company should enlist the help of an answering service. However, that doesn’t mean that you should hire the first company that you come across. Don’t settle for a subpar call answering service. Instead, find one that meets your expectations. CallNET is dedicated to improving your business. Call us to discover how CallNET’s service can better your customer interactions.


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    Good Service. Don’t miss another call, use phone answering service that will pick up your customers. Thanks for shearing with us.