5 Industries That Should Hire an Answering Service

People love to support companies that make them a priority, companies that they know will be there for them whenever they call. But being easily reachable by your clients and customers isn’t just a courtesy, it’s often a necessity. If your customers can’t get in contact with you, they may move on to someone they can easily contact. To avoid losing business to your competition, consider hiring a professional answering service. Naturally, some industries benefit more from this service than others do. Keep reading to learn which five industries gain the most from working with an answering service for business.

Health Care

One of the biggest users of professional answering services is the health care industry. It should come as no surprise that doctors and other medical care providers need to be available at all hours of the day to take urgent calls. Patients reach out to their care providers when they are in their most vulnerable states, making it even more crucial that someone answers their call for help. Working with a company that offers a confidential and HIPPA-compliant answering service can help patients feel like their needs are always being met, even when their primary doctor isn’t available.

Real Estate

The real estate industry is another sector that must be easy to reach 24/7. This is especially true for landlords and property management companies who have to be ready to handle tenant emergencies at any time. It can be nice for property managers to have help fielding all of their calls and dealing with issues as they arise.

Small Business

Using a phone answering service for small business can help a company provide excellent customer service and stand out from their competitors. Unfortunately, many customers are fickle when it comes to working with small businesses. If someone doesn’t answer their call right away, they will likely move on to the next small business in the area. Avoid driving away business and hire an answering service today. No matter if you are a plumber or a business consultant, working with a phone service company can make all the difference.

VeterinarianSimilar to other health care industries, veterinarians must also be easy to contact day and night. People love their pets like they are members of their family and only reach out to vets when they need their help the most. Oftentimes, these calls are made when pet owners are worried and feeling vulnerable. An answering service can help to alleviate some of their stresses and help them get in contact with someone who can help them. This will only improve the relationship between the veterinarian and the pet owner.

Nonprofit OrganizationsNonprofits play important roles in the communities where they are located. They are dedicated to making the world a better place to live and helping those who need it most. But, the only way many of these organizations have the time to devote to improving the community is by outsourcing some of the other work, like answering calls. By working with a budget-friendly answering service, nonprofits can redirect their energy to their cause, all while still managing overflow calls and after-hours emergencies.

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